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Where is the common ground between environmental concern and investment? The answer can clearly be found in sustainable energy and the growing investment in the technologies behind solar panels, wind turbines and waste-to-energy. With an estimated global investment of USD 322 billion per year through 2025, clean energy is slowly taking over from fossil fuels as it becomes more and more competitive. Add a little green to your wallet and help making the world a better place!




Sustainable Energy

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Sustainability & Impact investing



Sustainable Energy Certificate

This certificate focuses on sustainable energy and provides exposure to companies operating in the clean energy sector, which includes solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and waste-to-energy producers, as well as wind turbine and solar module manufacturers. It also provides global exposure, with companies selected from across the globe.

Increased growth potential
Broad diversification
Professionally and actively managed
Traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange
USD 9.- flat transaction costs

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Facts & Figures

Check out our infographic and fully discover why sustainable energy is worth an investment.

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