Select stocks based on the environmental, social and governance score of companies.

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Access ESG scores per company
Know whether they resonate with your values before making a trading decision

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Select the topics you're drawn to
Gender equality, human rights, GHG emissions... Whatever is right up your investor profile's alley

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Avoid sectors you don’t care for
Fossil fuel, animal testing, weapons, alcohol… Your trading will not support whatever you don’t party with

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Get responsible trading inspiration
Access our stock-picking selection based on ESG filters – whatever your tonic, we are bursting with innovative trading ideas!

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Check the ESG score of your portfolio
Do a sound-check to see how well your portfolio fits your purpose and make it something you root for

Bring a mindful touch into your strategy

Wondering whether the companies you’ve been eyeing actually reflect what you believe in? Lacking trading ideas? Not on our watch! Invest instantly in companies with a curated ESG presence, scored by a trustworthy external provider.



What is an ESG score?

Standing for Environmental, Social and Governance, an ESG score is an objective evaluation of a company, fund or security’s performance in the three pillars of sustainability, so modern-day investors can check whether their investment picks are equipped enough to resonate with them.



What are the benefits of investing based on the ESG score?

The ESG score does all the legwork for you: it has already assessed the companies you can invest in so your money is surely working for something truly aligned with you. Plus, when you wholeheartedly believe in your investments, you can better endure downward market.

How can I start investing based on ESG score and criteria?

Simply search any stock you’re interested in to see its ESG score – you can then use this information to make (or not) your investment decision, just as you would with any other fundamental data about a company you’re considering for investment. Moreover, Swissquote’s ESG Screener allows you to find investment ideas based on ESG values: submit the causes you care for or select fields that should be avoided – the screener will then showcase stocks that are in line with your preferences. You can trade them in just one click to start building your ESG-friendly portfolio!



ESG Investing x Impact Investing: the perfect fit

With Swissquote’s Impact Investing Certificate, invest not only in high-potential companies, but also actively contribute to concrete humanitarian projects by donating half of your dividends.

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