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Five sectors under the microscope

Companies are increasing the number of advertisements of projects using blockchain technology. Industrial-scale deployment is expected by 2025.

Kodak, Boeing, Telegram are among the growing number of companies that have announced – with great fanfare – that they will be starting to use blockchain technology. Since Bitcoin took off in December 2017, it does appear that the term is in fashion. Just mentioning it can send a stock price soaring. In January 2018, for example, the Kodak share price rose 300% following the announcement of the creation of the KodakCoin cryptocurrency. The phenomenon is affecting all sectors, from finance to food, music and healthcare.

According to the experts, the main markets concerned will certainly be finance and insurance, as blockchain will enable faster transactions.

If projects have been multiplying across all sectors, it is because companies are afraid to miss the bandwagon. The same thing happened with the internet revolution. “Industrial groups have not forgotten the 1990s,” says Grégoire Revenu, managing partner at the investment bank Bryan, Garnier & Co. “The ones that missed the switch to digital are now finding themselves in a situation like Toys “R” Us. No one wants to take the risk of going through that. However, while blockchain will disrupt many areas of activity, not all applications will work. Some weeding out will have to be done.”


"This technology has become a real ecosystem"

Claire Balva, CEO of Blockchain Partner


Less than one year after unveiling it, Kodak’s project fell through and its share price fell back to its previous levels. In this context, investors are wondering how to find their way through the jungle of announcements, many of which are simply marketing actions. “Cases where there is real use need to be identified, where blockchain provides added value,” is the answer provided by Christine Hennebert from the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).

This is proving to be an arduous task: “This technology has become a real ecosystem, with its aficionados and schools of thought. It is difficult for novices to form a clear-cut opinion, especially as a mainstream blockchain today could very well have disappeared in one year,” highlights Claire Balva, CEO of Blockchain Partner. “Over time, dominant blockchains will emerge, but until then, I think that we shouldn’t get attached to one particular chain.”

To minimise the risks, Grégoire Revenu believes that investors should avoid betting on applications: “As in any gold rush, the ones making money are the ones selling the picks,” underlines the analyst. “At the beginning of the internet, for example, Cisco experienced a huge success in selling routers. With blockchain it will be the same. Companies offering access to services, such as suppliers of microprocessors and wallets, and manufacturers of mining infrastructures, are good investments. I think that the Cisco of blockchain already exists.” They could be companies that are not yet listed, such as Bitmain, CoinBase, Basis or Bitfury, and which are already generating significant revenue. Or players that are already publicly-traded, such as GMO Internet.


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