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Your new supercharged leasing

Have you ever dreamed about investing in a super smooth, versatile and sophisticated high-tech car powered by sustainable energy? A Tesla combines all these features in a sleek package and with Swissquote as a new Swiss leasing provider, financing it becomes as effortless as driving it.


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Our 100% online application procedure is the cherry on the top, allowing us to make our customers benefit from a swift and enhanced digital experience.

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Visit Tesla for the next steps: Select and design your favorite model and discover more information about the leasing conditions.  

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A Tesla is already a statement on its own but if you are looking for the ultimate accessory for your cockpit, install our special web app for Tesla and keep up with the latest share prices while on the road.




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Questions about your future Tesla? During a one-hour virtual consultation a Tesla consultant will be happy to answer whatever is on your mind.

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Try the Models S, 3 or X in one of Tesla’s showrooms. All you need to do is to register online and a Tesla consultant will contact you.

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